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Mental Health Support at Work for Individuals

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One of the  characterising features of mental illness is distress, and it is difficult to imagine the distress a person suffering from a mental health issue feels.

Very often a person can feel alone and hopeless, with no advocate to help them.




1. For Employees of Organisations


At the request of an organisation or employer we can work with employees within the environment of a safe one-to-one  relationship to -


  • assess their fitness to work.

  • make recommendations regarding modifying their job or work environment.

  • working with them to develop and apply strategies to support them remaining in/returning to work.

  • support them during a mental health episode whilst still working.

  • support them in fulfilling their own practical /legal responsibilities toward their employer.

To facilitate this process we can also liaise with other health care professionals.


2. For Private Individuals - Fitness to Work (Mental Health) Assessments


We also provide a fitness to work assessment service for private individuals where we evaluate the impact of your current mental health on your ability to work. We then write a short report for you which you may distribute to relevant parties (e.g. an employer, GP etc.) as you see fit.


This is a private and confidential service. It is sensitive and non-adversarial in nature, and is usually carried out in your own home. You may choose to have a third party present if you wish during the assessment. We usually bring a chaperone when meeting a client at their home address.



If you wish to use this service then  in the first instance please contact us via email for advice and further information at support@LHARegPsych.co.uk



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