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Registered Occupational Psychologists

Our Professional Promise to You

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Working within a set of legally defined, rigorous professional standards, we support individuals with mental health problems in the workplace. Respect for people, safe, competent and ethical practice are our core values.

Our approach is discrete and confidential. We operate within a regulatory framework which ensures we work ethically, safely and effectively, and always in the best interests of our clients.

We are required to treat our relationship with clients as confidential and subject to legal privilege - the privilege residing with the client. This protects all communications between us as professional advisers, and you as the client, from being disclosed without your permission. This also protects the ability of the client as a corporate body, and its staff, to access our services by allowing confidential disclosure to us as advisers without the fear that any unauthorised disclosure of those communications may prejudice the client or its staff in the future.  

We are HCPC Registered Psychologists. We will always act in your  best interests  and within the legal and regulatory framework laid down by the HCPC and the BPS. 


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