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Registered Occupational Psychologists

Frequently Asked Questions


What do you do?

We support organisations and individuals with mental health issues in the work place. We provide professional one to one support for employees struggling with mental health, and training for organisations in dealing with mental health issues.  We can also liaise with other healthcare professionals when required.

Where do you deliver your services?

We can meet with individuals in the workplace, but very often people with mental health issues feel safest in their own home.  If meeting an individual at home, we may elect to bring chaperone, or one can be requested by the individual.

We deliver training/workshops on-site, or off-site at a location of the client's choosing.

How quickly can you help us?

We understand mental health issues often need to be addressed urgently. We are usually able  to provide support within 24 hours.

Do you provide support 24/7?

No. We can operate outside normal office hours but we do not provide a 24 hour call out service.

What is a Registered Psychologist?

The Health Care and Professions Council is the UK Government's Regulatory Body for Registered  Psychologists and lays down in law the protected titles which we may use, as well as the professional and ethical standards to which we must adhere in order to protect the interests of clients.

Any unqualified or unregulated individual can offer services under the title of 'work', 'organisational', 'I/O', 'career' or 'business' psychologist. However, the titles 'Registered Psychologist' and 'Occupational Psychologist' are protected in law and only those who have reached the qualification threshold for registration with the HCPC, and hold current HCPC Registration are allowed to use it and offer Occupational Psychology services to the public.

Are you insured?

We are insured with Towergate Professional Risks, AXA Insurance UK plc.

Who are your current/past clients? Can you tell me about some previous work you have done?

The work we do for clients is confidential, highly sensitive and subject to legal privilege, we do not advertise previous projects or discuss work with existing clients. Confidentiality is a fundamental value. We do not breach it. 



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